Privacy statement

If you use Rides we will store some of your data. In this privacy statement you can find what data we store, why we store them and what the retention period is.

IP address & user-agent

With every request to our servers, we save your IP address and the corresponding user agent (browser and/or type of device). We do this to establish a session between the application and our servers. This data is also used to detect possible abuse. If you are not logged in, this will be stored for a maximum of 3 months. If you are logged in, it will be stored as long as you use the application.

Username and email address

If you create an account, we save your username and associated email address. The email address is required to verify your account and to send you notifications or announcements. In your settings, you can choose whether you want to receive notifications by e-mail.

Your account has a password. We recommend you use a unique password for Rides that you do not use anywhere else. We use bcrypt to store your password, so we do not know what your password is.


If you give us permission to share your location in the application, we will store your location in some cases. If you do not have an account, your location will not be stored and will only be used briefly to display the correct information. If you do have an account, your location will be recorded at check in. This location is stored for 6 months and deleted afterwards.

Optionally, you can share your background location with us during your park visit. We will store your background location for 1 day. We will use this data so you can check in at rides after your visit. We will delete the background location data after 2 days.

Parks and rides visited

If you have an account you can check in at a park or ride. When you do this, we store the fact that you have been to the park or ride. We will keep this data until you request deletion.

Submitted content

Content that you submit - such as a comments, photos or reviews - is stored in the name of your account. We will keep this data as long as your account is active. The submitted content is also publicly available.

Other parties

Your data will never be shared with other parties. Your IP address is an exception to this as it may be the case that external content is retrieved and due to the technical nature of this, your IP address is shared.


Your data is of great importance. We do everything in our power to keep our infrastructure safe and we also proactively monitor suspicious activities. If you have found a vulnerability in our infrastructure, we would like to refer you to our responsible disclosure:

Responsible disclosure


If you use Rides and are under 16 years of age, permission is required from a parent or guardian. We do not attempt to collect information from users under the age of 16. However, we can never 100% exclude this and if it appears that this is the case, please contact

As a user, you always have the right to request the deletion of stored data. Please contact and use the email address on your account to do so. Otherwise we will be unable to process your request.

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